Sea Safety Information



Every year the RNLI responds to distress calls received from Yachtsmen and Other Water users around our coasts. Here in Burnham on Sea, our Atlantic Class and D Class Lifeboats are frequently called out to assist water users. With one of the highest tidal ranges in the United Kingdom the Bristol Channel and in particular Bridgwater Bay pose a high risk of grounding and potential injury.

With the present mild weather there is a chance to get to your boat and start all those maintenance jobs.

Our safety at sea depends on timely maintenance of our boats. In addition we need to take time to check our sea safety equipment, and ensure that it is ready for use. Once your check is completed you will know that you are ready for any emergency. Its a good time now to examine such things as your lifejacket, expiry dates of flares, life-rafts and fire extinguishers.

To assist you with this the RNLI offers a free sea safety advisory check. It takes just 1-2 hrs to complete and is time well invested. If you would like to arrange a confidential sea safety check on your vessel  then please contact the RNLI at Poole on Freefone UK: 0800 328 0600.

Sea Safety - The Complete Guide aims to help you enjoy your time afloat safely so that you do not become a rescue statistic. This guide has been created as part of the RNLI's committment to prevention through sea safety education.

Fishermen in south west urged to stay safe

5 short films which provide practical advice and use easy to follow animation. The films show how to keep fishing boats stable and highlight factors that lead to dangerous instability, with RNLI research showing that the majority of deaths in the commercial fishing industry occur when vessel stability is lost.