Summary Details Of All Shouts 2010 

2010 Launch and Incident Details




Launch 24 & Launch 25

28th October 2010

B795 & D664

Both Burnham RNLI lifeboats launched to assist in search for a distressed person. D class lifeboat Puffin was launched at 0944 hrs. this morning, closely followed by Staines Whitfield a few minutes later. The objective was to search for a distressed person reported to be on the shore of Brean Down. Also involved in the search were both Weston and Burnham Auxiliary Coastguard, Weston lifeboats and a police helicopter. The search was stood down by Swansea Coastguard control at 1050 hrs. after nothing was found. Helmsman Lyndon Baker, said; "We searched both sides of the Down and found nothing. Sea state was a little lumpy at the South side of the Down, otherwise slight to moderate. Burnham-on-Sea Lifeboat Operations Manager Ricky Holmes added; "If there is a risk to persons' safety we will always launch when requested by Swansea Coastguard Control."

Launch 23

22nd October 2010


Burnham-on-sea RNLI Lifeboat Puffin launched to investigate suspicious object in water near Stert Island. An Eagle-eyed member of the public spotted an object adjacent to Stert Island and had quite rightly reported the matter to HM Coastguard Control at Swansea. Burnham-on-Sea lifeboat station was paged and D class lifeboat Puffin launched at 1747 hrs. The volunteer crew of three searched the Eastern shore of Stert Island with no result, then, under direction from Swansea, continued their search from the lower reaches of the River Parret, to the Lower Lighthouse on Burnham beach, again with no result. Eventually Puffin was stood down, and returned to the lifeboat station for wash-down and prepping ready for the next shout. Helmsman Glenn Cutter said; "A member of the public reported an object in the water. Fishermen in the area were quizzed, but they had not noticed anything. We carried out a search of the coast line between the mouth of the River Parrett and the Lower light and found nothing. Obviously we need to check out all reports"

Launch 21 & Launch 22

20th October 2010

B795 & D664 Both boats launched to reported sighting of flares. Nothing found.

Launch 20

20th September 2010

B795 Stianes Whitfield was tasked to recover a hovercraft reported to have lost engine power.

Launch 18 & Launch 19

30th August 2010

B795 & D664

Staines Whitfield and Puffin were both paged at 1927 hrs this evening to assist emergency services at Brean, after persons were reported stuck in the mud, with a fast incoming tide. The tide was in full flood, so no effort was spared in reaching the casualties, but both lifeboats were stood down at 1942 hrs by Swansea Coastguard Control, and returned to Burnham beach for recovery and wash down by the lifeboat station volunteer shore team.

Launch 17

29th August 2010

B795 Self launch to yacht aground in the River Brue.

Launch 15 & Launch 16

11th July 2010

B795 & D664

Both Burnham-on-Sea lifeboats paged at 1352 hrs on Sunday morning to assist search for missing person. A man had been reported as trying to go for a swim, from Brean beach, in the vicinity of the Seagull pub, during the early hours of Sunday morning. HM Coastguard Swansea control was notified, and initiated a coastal search. Both Staines Whitfield and Puffin were launched, and proceeded to the search area, whereupon arrival, the crew of Staines Whitfield conducted a coastal search to the North, whilst Puffin searched in a Southerly direction. Auxiliary coastguard team members continued searching the beach. Additionally, a helicopter from RAF Chivenor had been called, but stood down after the man made himself known to a coastguard search team at around 0300 hrs. Coastguard officers handed the man, who was apparently covered in mud and starting to show signs of hypothermia, to paramedics for medical attention and the lifeboats were stood down. Lifeboat Operations Manager Ricky Holmes said; "It was a long night and we did not leave the lifeboat station until 0500 hrs. The tide was fairly low when we recovered, which meant both boat and shore crew had to work hard washing off the mud before the boats were put away."

Launch 14 

16th June 2010


A group of youngsters from a Birmingham school, who were on an educational visit, had a day to remember when an emergency call was recieved just as they were being shown around the lifeboat station. The lifeboat crew were paged at 11:17 after Swansea Coastguard received a call  from a member of the public, who had spotted an inflatable rubber dinghy in difficulties off Brean beach. The Atlantic Class lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' was launched and located the dinghy 100 metres out, trying to paddle back to shore against the outgoing tide. The exhausted young adult was taken aboard the lifeboat and taken back to the safety of the beach and awaiting Auxiliary Coastguards. The lifeboat then returned to Burnham for recovery and washdown.

Launch 12 & Launch 13

30th May 2010

B795 & D664

The Lifeboats were paged at 17:25 after Swansea Coastguard received a Mayday distress call from a 20ft yacht experiencing difficulties in Bridgwater Bay. Both boats were launched and located the yacht west of Stert Island. The yacht was having difficulty making any headway in the strong winds and heavy seas. With the assistance of the crew from 'Puffin', the crew of 'Staines Whitfield' towed the casualty into the safety of the River Brue and a berth alongside Burnham Sailing Club pontoons.

Launch 11

30th May 2010


The Atlantic class lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' launched at 11:15 following a request from Swansea Coastguard to investigate reports of a yacht in difficulties a mile out from Burnham Lower Lighthouse. Arriving on scene, it was ascertained from the skipper that though he was finding conditions challenging, all was well. With the skipper confirming he had the situation under control, the lifebaot returned to the town jetty for recovery.

Launch 9 & Lanuch 10

23rd May 2010

B795 & D664

The Lifeboats were paged to assist in the search for a girl missing from Berrow Beach. Both boats were launched to assist in the search and were eventually stood down when the girl was found safe and well. 'Staines Whitfield' and 'Puffin' then both returned to Burnham for recovery.

Launch 8

22nd May 2010


The lifeboats were called out at 16:10 to investigate inflatable objects drifting out to sea on the fast receding tide. The 'Staines Whifield' launched and on scene nearly a mile out from the beach, ascertained no persons in distress but located a number of items floating out on the outgoing tide. With no one in danger, the lifeboat returned to the town jetty for recovery.

Launch 7

22nd May 2010


The lifeboats were paged at 16:10 to assist a local lad drifting out to sea on the outgoing tide in a small dinghy. The lad had been trying to reach an inflatable that was swept away from the beach when his oar snapped leaving him struggling against the receding tide. The D  class  lifeboat 'Puffin' launched and located the casualty near the lower lighthouse, where he had managed to beach himself. The lifeboat brought the casualty back to Burnham jetty before recovery and return to the lifeboat station.

Launch 5 & Launch 6

18th April 2010


B795 & D664

The Lifeboats were paged at 19:25 to rescue a disabled yacht. The casualty, a 26ft Macgregor sloop, had been reported as disabled with steering out of action and its keel jammed down. Both the 'Staines Whitfield' and 'Puffin' lifeboats were launched, and proceeded with haste to the yacht, which they found approximately a mile and a half off-shore from the Lower Light on Burnham beach.

It transpired the yacht was from Combwich, in the River Parrett. The crew of 'Puffin' landed a lifeboat volunteer onto the casualty, to assist, whilst 'Staines Whifield' crew set up a towing bridle to tow the yacht to its home port.

On arrival at Combwich, there was not sufficient water at the mooring, so two of the three yacht crew were landed on shore, whilst the small flotilla waited for the incoming tide to reach the mooring. Once the yacht was safely secured, the remaining crewmember was landed, and both lifeboats returned to Burnham slipway.

Launch 4

11th April 2010


B class lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' was launched at 17:45 to assist a grounded yacht. A fellow yachtsman had spotted the 22ft sailing sloop attempting to sail out from a lee shore on eastern side of Steart Island, at the top of the tide. Swansea Coastguard were notified and it was decided to launch the lifeboat.

In the meantime however, another yachtsman had managed to pass a line to the casualty and to tow her clear of trouble. having ascertained that the yacht was out of trouble, the lifeboat crew returned to the slipway for recovery.

Launch 3

9th April 2010


The D class lifeboat 'puffin' was launched at 15:25 to assist recovery of a disabled jetski drifting up the River Parrett on the incoming tide. The lifeboat intercepted the jetski and towed it to the safety of Burnham beach after which the lifeboat was recovered and returned to the lifeboat station.

Launch 2

28th March 2010


'Staines Whitfield' Atlantic 75 lifeboat was launched at 17:50 to assist Burnham Costguard with a search for a missing dog. The dog had gone missing during the afternoon and their was a strong suspicion that it had fallen  over the edge of the Down. A thorough search of the shoreline and cliffs was undertaken but nothing was found and both the lifeboat and the Coastguard team were stood down at 19:45.

Launch 1

26th March 2010



Atlantic 75 lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' was launched at 15:49 following a request form Swansea Coastguard. A member of the public had reported two persons apparently cut off by the tide on the south side of Brean Down.

In fact the two were climbers fully aware of their situation and the lifeboat stood down and returned for recovery at Burnham Jetty.