Summary Details Of All Shouts 2013 

Summary of Services 2013

  Boat Date Helm Incident
 14 B 31st Aug Jason Minehead Raft Race
 13 B 16th Oct Nick P. Yacht sunk on mooring
 12 D 18th Sept Ash RIB aground at Dunball
 11 D 25th Aug Lyndon Tow in broken down speedboat
 10 B 25th Aug Stu Tow in broken down speedboat
 9 D 21st Aug Nick E. False alarm - 3 girls in water
 8 B 21st Aug Scott False alarm - 3 girls in water
 7 B 29th July Stu CASEVAC from yacht (with Weston)
 6 D 13th July Nick E. 2 girls in water by the jetty
 5  4th June  Persons reported. Stood down
 4 D 6th May Ash Powerboat broken down
 3 B 6th May Jason Powerboat broken down
 2 D 6th May Ian Casualty on rocks at Brean Down
 1 B 6th May Ash Casualty on rocks at Brean Down