Summary Details Of All Shouts 2012

Shout 1 & 2




Burnham-on-Sea volunteer crews were taking part in regular training when asked by Swansea Coastguard Control to assist the Minehead RNLI lifeboat in locating the RIB, at approximately 10.19 am, and immediately diverted, only to be stood down at 10.40 am. The MInehead lifeboat had located the casualty, using direction finding and radar equipment, and rendered assistance. A private fishing boat had also been involved in the search (Scooby Doo 2), and had apparently been instrumental in assisting the Minehead lifeboat.

The Burnham lifeboats then returned to their training schedule before being recovered and washed down by the station volunteer shore team.RNLI Helmsman Jason Coombes said of the conditions; "Visibilty was variable and estimated at around 40 metres. We were happy to oblige when asked for help."

Shout 3

25th March 2012

D664 D Class Lifeboat 'Puffin' was off Berrow beach taking part in it's regular Sunday morning training excercise when it's crew were contacted by Swansea Coastguard. A small powerboat in Weston Bay had lost engine power and was drifting, leaving the water skier it had been towing also drifting. Although outside of Burnham Lifeboats usual area, as the crew were close to the incident they were asked to make their way to the area whilst Weston RNLI were being paged. Once on scene the D Class Lifeboat found that 2 other vessels had also heard the radio comms and proceeded to assist. One of the vessels had begun rigging a tow to the powerboat whilst the 2nd had picked up the water skier. As the skier was very cold from being in the water for approximately 30 minutes it was decided that Burnham Lifeboat would take the skier straight back to shore whilst the Weston Lifeboat, which had now launched and was proceeding across the bay, would take over the tow of the powerboat. Once the skier was back at shore and with the Coastguards and Paramedics the Burnham Lifeboat was stood down to return to station.

Shout 4

15th April 2012


Burnham-on-Sea had hosted an international water ski-ing event, over the weekend 14th and 15th April. Lifeboat Staines Whitfield had been standing by on exercise, to provide additional first aid cover, when a skier from Norfolk fell off his ski at speed, injuring his neck and shoulder. When reached by the lifeboat, he had recovered consciousness, but had already taken in some water. The lifeboat volunteers fitted a surgical collar, before ferrying him to shore, and waiting paramedics. Consequently, the casualty was ferried to hospital for further checks, where he was pronounced fit by the casualty staff. Lifeboat Operations Manager Ricky Holmes said; "We were glad to help, and the practical exercise was very useful." Ski race co-organiser Steve Bird had previously praised the first aid expertise of the RNLI crew during the race briefing, quoted that the casualty had expressed his personal thanks for the emergency assistance, via a Facebook message.

Shouts 5 & 6

5th May 2012

B-762 (Relief)


Both Burnham on Sea Lifeboats were paged to launch at 17.27 today after two people were reported to be cut off by the tide on Brean Down. Relief Atlantic 75 Lifeboat 'Jack and Joyce Burcombe' and Burnham's D-Class Lifeboat 'Puffin' were launched from Burnham beach and made best speed to the Down. The Atlantic 75 was first to arrive on scene and found the two people, in their early twenties, approximately halfway along the base of the down. Both were cold and wet having attempted to walk back to shore through the incoming tide. The two were taken off the Down by the Atlantic 75 and taken to Coastguards on Berrow Beach whilst the D-Class Lifeboat checked for any further persons. Both boats were then stood down to return to station.

Shouts 7 & 8

7th May 2012

B-762 (Relief)


Both Lifeboats were today launched at 17.55 to assist other Lifeboat crews covering the Bristol Channel in the search for a possible vessel in distress after Swansea MRCC received a faint 'Mayday' call. Burnham Lifeboats conducted a search of the River Parrett, upto Bridgwater, Combwich Harbour and the area surrounding Stert Island. With nothing found by any of the Lifeboats conducting various searches Burnham Lifeboats were stood down to return to station at 19.00hrs.

Shouts 9 & 10

26th May 2012

B-762 (Relief)


Both Lifeboats were launched today at 11.20am to assist a group of people who had swam out approximately half a mile from Berrow Beach to assist a teenager being blown out to sea in an inflatable dinghy. The D Class was first to arrive on scene and found that the casualties had made it back to shore where they were met by Coastguards and Paramedics. Both Lifeboats were returned to station for wash down and refuelling.

Shouts 11 & 12

26th May 2012

B-762 (Relief)


Just 30 minutes after the Lifeboats had been put away and the crew had all left the station the pagers again sounded, requesting the launch of both Lifeboats. The boats launched at 13.09 to go to the aid of 2 windsurfers struggling to get back to shore in strong offshore winds off Berrow Beach. The D Class Lifeboat took one of the windsurfers and his kit back to the beach whilst a crewman from the Atlantic Lifeboat walked the other Windsurfer and his kit back to the shore through the shallow water.

Shout 13

2nd June 2012

 D-664 Burnham-on-Sea's 'D' class Puffin was tasked to assist a jetski with a disabled engine just north of Stert Island. The jetski and owner were rescued and returned to Burnham beach.

Shouts 14 & 15

19th Aug 2012

 B-795 & D-730 (Relief)
Both boats were tasked at 1805 to search for a four year old child missing after slipping off the jetty into the water at Burnham on Sea. We were later supported by Weston super Mare and Minehead Atlantic lifeboats to assist in searching the River Parrett and River Brue. Also involved in the search were the Coast Guard helicopter from Portland and the Police helicopter.Portland helo was later relieved by Chivenor 169 at about 10:00 p.m. Local coast guards and RNLI shorecrew also assisted by searching the shoreline upstream from the jetty. Weston and Minehead lifeboats were stood down at about midnight and Burnham lifeboats stayed on scene all night.

At first light on Monday morning, boats resumed a full search with the D class deployed to search the River Parrett as the tide flooded in up towards Bridgwater town bridge and the Atlantic searched around Stert Island and stood by for the Coast Guard and BARB river bank search teams. Weston Atlantic also assisted during Monday's search. The search was called off temporarily at 1630.

On Tuesday, Burnham's D class was launched again at 1845 to do a voluntary search of the river whilst shore crew and spare boat crew once again researched the shoreline. This ended at dusk due to lack of light.

On Thursday, the search was formally ended when the body of a child was found at 12:30 on the beach beside the pontoon at the Yacht Club.

Shouts 16 & 17

26th August 2012



D-730 (Relief)

Both Lifeboats had just completed their ESCAPE day demonstration and recovered to Burnham beach when they were tasked by Swansea Coastguard to assist in the search of a missing 4 year old off Berrow beach. Both Lifeboats were immediately relaunched and made best speed to Berrow. However, shortly after arriving on scene Swansea Coastguard advised that the child had been found safe and well. Both boats were stood down and returned to station.

Shout 18

30th August 2012




Burnham's Lifeboat crew were paged to assist the Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard unit after a distressed woman had been reported on Burnham beach in the vacinity of Burnham Pier.

The crew quickly launched relief D Class 'Constance Green' shortly before 3.30am and immediately proceeded to the scene, whereupon two of the Lifeboat crew entered the water to assist the casualty. This action enabled two Coastguard members to aid her return to the shore and waiting paramedics. After initial checks she was taken to hospital.

Shout 19

3rd September 2012


Burnham's Lifeboat crew were this evening paged at 19:31 after a yacht reported engine failure just off Burnham sea front. The Atlantic class Lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' was quickly launched to assist. The crew of the yacht were visitors to the area and, due to the fastly diminishing light, had called for assistance when their engine failed.

The yacht and its crew were towed to Burnham Sailing Club and the Lifeboat then stood down to return to station.

Shout 20

24th November




Both lifeboats were paged at 1615 hrs. to assist Police and Coastguard search teams for a person reported missing in the vicinity of King Sedgemoor Drain near Bridgwater. The Lifeboats were tasked to search along the banks of the River Parrett up to Bridgwater. Nothing was found and both lifeboats were stood down at 1800 hrs. due to no light. Both boats then returned to the slipway for recovery and washdown.ines Whitfield" and "Puffin

Deputy Launch Authority Rod Southwell said; "We launched to carry out a joint search, but were stood down after a nil result".

Shout 21

30th November 2012


Swansea Coastguard paged the crew of Burnham's D Class Lifeboat at 11:30am today following reports from the crew of a Sea King helicopter of an upturned rowing boat adrift off Berrow beach.

It transpired that the occupant of the boat had been rowing out to his yacht, moored in the river Axe, when the boat capsized. The occupant was able to get back to the shore thanks to his lifejacket, but his rowing boat had continued on out of the river with the strong outgoing tide.

The rowing boat was located by Burnham's D Class Lifeboat some 8 miles further down the Bristol Channel and towed back to Burnham for recovery and then collection by its owner.