Summary Details Of All Shouts 2011

2011 Launch and Incident Details




Shout 26

1st November 2011

D-664 At 16:20 today the D-Class Lifeboat 'Puffin' was tasked by Swansea Coastguard after reports were received of a person stuck in the mud in the River Brue. Due to the low tidal conditions at the time, upon reaching the mouth of the River the crew found only a small stream of water flowing out of the river which was just enough for the D-Class to navigate through. Upon reaching the casualty, who was waist deep in mud, the Lifeboat crew put the boat up the bank and, using the engine to hold steady, laid a sheet across the mud to spread the casualty weight and then pulled the casualty into the boat. The crew also took aboard a member of the Coastguard rescuse team who had been assisting the casualty. The Lifeboat then made best speed back to Burnham jetty where the casualty was met by an Ambulance. The Lifeboat was then recovered and taken back to station for a lengthy washdown. 

Shout 25

25th October 2011

B-795 The B Class Lifeboat launched to assist the D Class in the search for a missing elderly lady. The Lifeboat searched the smaller creeks of the River Parrett whilst the D Class searched towards Bridgwater. Once completed the Lifeboat then conducted a full search of the River Brue upto the sluice gates. With nothing found the Lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Shout 23 & 24

25th October 2011

D-664 The D-Class Lifeboat was tasked by Swansea Coastguard to assist other agencies in the search for a missing elderly lady.  The Lifeboat made its way up the River Parrett to search the River Huntspill and sluice gates. Because of the low tide the Lifeboat was beached and the crew commenced a foot search. Nothing was found and the Lifeboat was stood down to return to station. The Lifeboat had reached Burnham town slip when it was again tasked to search as far as possible up the River Parrett. The Lifeboat was able to search as far as Bridgwater town bridge and with nothing found was again stood down to return to station.

Shout 22

23rd October 2011

D-664 The D Class Lifeboat was tasked to assist a kite surfer in difficulties after losing their board. The Lifeboat was stood down shortly before launch when the kite surfer was able to make their own way back to shore.

Shout 21

8th August 2011

B-795 Just hours after washing down from the earlier shout, the crew were again paged to launch. Burnham's jetty attendant had spotted a kite surfer in difficulties by number 2 bouy. After observing the surfer trying to get back on their board for 10 minutes the jetty attendant dialled 999 and informed Swansea Coastguard. The crew were paged and prepared the Lifeboat for launch. However, just as the boat and crew were about to launch they were stood down by Swansea Coastguard. The kite surfer had managed to make his way back to the safety of Burnham beach assisted by strong onshore winds.

Shout 20

8th August 2011

B-795 The Lifeboat crew were paged at 11.14am today following reports of an upturned dinghy off Berrow beach. The B Class Lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' was launched and made best speed in rough conditions to the scence. Whilst en route Burnham Coastguards, who were assembled on Berrow beach, radioed the Lifeboat to advise the crew that the dinghy was infact an upturned tender that had now washed up onto the beach. Whilst details of the tender were passed to Swansea Coastguard for checking, the Lifeboat carried out a search of the area to check for anyone in the water. Swansea Coastguard confirmed that the tender had been reported as lost some days earlier by a yacht off Ilfracombe and that nobody had been onboard. The Lifeboat was stood down and returned to station for washdown.

Shout 18 & 19

3rd August 2011



Both boats were launched to a yacht that had run aground earlier in the day at the mouth of the river Brue. The lifeboats were launched at 9.30pm when the tide was at it's highest. Once on scene 2 crewman from 'Puffin' were put aboard the yacht, which was now afloat, and were able to take the yacht under its own power back to it's mooring at Burnham yacht club.
Shout 16 & 17



Burnham-on-Sea RNLIlifeboats were scrambled at 6.30 pm after a report of two walkers cut off by the incoming tide on rocks at the foot of Brean Down, only to be stood down at 6.38 pm after the casualties were assisted by climbers on the side of the Down.

Volunteer LifeboatPress Officer Mike Lang said; "It is important to remember that Brean is tidaland check high water times before walking out on the rocks."

Shout 14 & 15

16th July 2011






B - 795







Both Burnham on Sea Lifeboats were tasked to launch to 8 people cut off by the tide at Brean Down. Once on scene the group were located on the South side of the down, above the tide line, but cold and tired. A crewman from B-795 was put on the Down to assess and re-assure them. A rescue helicopter (Rescue 169) from RAF Chivenor in Devon had also been en-route and had now arrived on scene. The group, plus the Lifeboat crewman, were winched from the side of the Down and taken to the shore at Brean where they were met by Coastguards. The Lifeboat crewman was collected from the shore by the D-Class, returned to B-795, after which both boats returned to Burnham for recovery and washdown. 

Shout 13

10th July 2011





Launch was cancelled just as the crew were arriving at the Lifeboat Station.




Shout 12

9th July 2011




D-664 D-Class Lifeboat 'Puffin' was tasked to a person overboard from a vessel off Burnham. As the Lifeboat was about to launch it was stood down. The person overboard had been safely recovered by a passing fishing boat.



Shout 10 & 11

26 June 2011









Both Lifeboats were tasked by Swansea Coastguard to assist an inflatable with persons onboard drifting out to sea on the outgoing tide off Brean Beach. However, just as the Lifeboats were preparing to launch from Burnham beach they were stood down by the Coastguard. The occupants of the inflatable had managed to make their own way back to the shore.

Shout 09

4th May 2011


Having just finished their weekly training session, the crew of B Class Lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' were stowing the equipment when the 2 crew members spotted what appeared to be a red flare just off Brean Down. They informed the Helmsman and Swansea Coastguard, who then tasked the Lifeboat to go and investigate the sighting. The boat made best speed to Brean Down, but after a thorough search nothing was found. Swansea Coastguard were informed and the Lifeboat stood down to return to station.

Shout 07 & 08

2nd May 2011



Both Burnham on Sea Lifeboats were launched within minutes of being paged to 3 people reported to be in the water clinging to a capsized inflatable dinghy off Berrow beach. The Lifeboats made best speed to the scene and upon arrival found 1 person aboard the dinghy and 2 people in the water. The D class Lifeboat immediately came alongside and took the 3 people, who were all starting to show the initial signs of hypothermia, aboard. They were wrapped in waterproof blankets for transfer back to the beach where an ambulance and Coastguards were waiting. Both boats returned to station for refuelling and washdown.

Shout 06

1st May 2011


The B Class 'Staines Whitfield' Lifeboat was requested to launch to a powerboat in difficulty approximately 2 miles up the River Parrett. The boat had an electrical fault and had lost engine power. On arrival the crew found the powerboat being blown onto the river bank. The Lifeboat came alongside and a crewmember was put aboard for the tow back to Burnham town slip.

Shout 05

28th April 2011


The D Class Lifeboat 'Puffin' was tasked to a broken down speedboat in the estuary south of Burnham town slip. Whilst the assembled crew were preparing to launch a passing jet-ski had managed to secure a tow to the powerboat and brought it back to the town slip. The Lifeboat was stood down by Swansea Coastguard before launching.

Shout 03 & 04

10th April 2011



Both Burnham on Sea RNLI Lifeboats were tasked by Swansea Coastguard to a report of a distressed person in the water off Berrow Beach. Both boats quickly launched and made best speed to the reported location, where upon arrival they found the person to be neck deep in the water. As the casualty saw the Lifeboats approaching, they turned around and started to walk back towards the safety of the beach, where they were met by Police Officers who took them to be checked over in a waiting ambulance. Both boats were stood down and returned to station.

Shout 02

4th April 2011


Burnham RNLI's B Class Lifeboat 'Staines Whitfield' was tasked to recover a large freezer size container that appeared to have come off of a commercial vessel in the Bristol Channel and could have caused a hazard to other shipping. Whilst preparing to launch, the shore crew assesed that the container was close enough to be moved to the shore by hand. The lifeboat was stood down and the container was brought safely to the shore by 3 crewmembers, where it was removed by the local council.

Shout 01

10th January 2011


Burnham-on-Sea RNLI's D class lifeboat Puffin was tasked to stand by at 4.44 pm, with the aim of assisting other agencies with a reported distressed woman on Berrow beach. The launch request came some ten minutes later, with the volunteer lifeboat crew being stood down just as they reached the water, at 5.04 pm.It transpired that the woman was already being assisted, and Puffin was therefore returned to the lifeboat station for wash down and preparation for the next launch.Helmsman Nick Prout said; "It was a cold wet evening with force 4 to 5 South-Easterly winds, and just past the bottom of the tide, but we were ready to launch regardless."